Pod Closure

Pod Closure.
The Tripod Pod communities will be phased out on December 15, 1999. To continue to receive this newsletter, you must reply to this message or subscribe to Digital Consciousness News from http://digitalconsciousness.com

Eric Scott Bloom.
Eric Scott Bloom's site -- http://members.tripod.com/~MODERNARTIST/ won the last Tripod Art and Artists Best of Pod Award and the first Digital Color Artist Award. The work of Eric Scott Bloom is designed to celebrate art as a way of life. Like most artists throughout history, Bloom creates not only for the sheer joy of it, but also to leave a legacy. He strives to make art an integral part of our lives; in the way we think, act, and feel. The end of 1999 will have seen Bloom make his 600th painting, and added to his archive of over 50,000 photographs. His site represents a vast, intricate, and thoroughly modern documentary of a committed, driven, and prolific fine artist.

Digital Color.
Digital Color -- http://digitalconsciousness.com/digitalcolor has assembled a jury that reviews artwork on the Internet for the Digital Color Artist of the Month award. The site displays the winning artwork, and the nominated artwork for the current and previous months. If you are an artist that wishes to be on the jury fill out the form found at http://digitalconsciousness.com/digitalcolor/contactus.shtml The deadline to nominate a site for the December Digital Color Artist is December 9th. Nominations are taken on-line from http://digitalconsciousness.com/digitalcolor/nomform.shtml The winner will be announced on December 23rd.

Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.
The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art in Las Vegas now has 24 paintings. The contents of the gallery often changes because the paintings are for sale, and are replaced when sold. At the time of this newsletter there were 1 Miro, 2 Picasso, 2 Matisse, 2 Renoir, 1 Degas, 1 Monet, 1 van Gogh, 1 Manet, 2 Cezanne, 1 Rubens, 1 Gauguin, 1 Seurat, 1 Pollock, 1 Rembrandt, 1 de Kooning, 2 Modigliani, 1 Morisot. Neither photography or writing is allowed in the gallery.

Admission is $12 ($6 with a Nevada id) which includes an audio tour narrated by Steve Wynn. The narration offers Wynn's opinion that the works are among the best of the respective artists. It is difficult to disagree when viewing them. All the paintings are well lit and displayed. Everyone is encouraged to post their thoughts on this, or any other exhibition on the Digital Consciousness Art Forum -- http://digitalconsciousness.com/bemessages/38.html Threads from the Tripod Art and Artist Pod are continued here.