Art and Artist Pod to Reopen in Digital Consciousness

Pod Closure.
No extenuation has been given to the Tripod Pod communities. The December 15, 1999 phase out date is firm. To continue to receive this newsletter, you must reply to this message or subscribe to Digital Consciousness News from

Digital Consciousness.
Digital Consciousness publishes artists and writers. It will carry on where the Tripod Art and Artists Pod left off. Digital Consciousness News will replace this newsletter. The Digital Consciousness bulletin boards will continue the threads of the Pod bulletin boards.

Digital Color. Most of the Tripod Art and Artists Jury along with several new award-winning artists and gallery owners have joined the Digital Color jury. The jury selects the Digital Color Artist of the Month. The winner is announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. If you are an artist who wishes to be on the jury, fill out the form found at This procedure will replace the old Best of Pod award.