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Location:Boston, MA
Comments: Hi Peter:
I have a very early watercolor on rice paper from the 1970's which was purchased in Denver Colorado. The piece is called : Pineridge

I have enjoyed this painting for decades,
Please let me know who is representing your artwork.

Happy New Year!

Date and Time:4:53 pm Sunday January 02, 2011

Patricia Trew
Location:Gold Coast Australia
Comments: Hi Peter,
Many years ago (1975), a friend who had spent some time in Colorado, gave me the choice of one of your paintings returning a favour. Recently when cleaning it, I thought I should look up your name on the internet and was delighted to see you are still painting your beautiful moody watercolours. My painting has your business card on the back with the title "Grey Light" and is of a fallen tree in the forest. It was my first painting and started my lifelong art collection. Grey Light is my favourite watercolour and I have always aspired to your evocative wet-in-wet technique. Wishing you many years of happily dabbling in colour, with kind regards, Pat Trew.
Date and Time:2:17 am Friday June 11, 2010

Comments: Beautiful paintings!
Date and Time:6:10 pm Wednesday December 13, 2006

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Date and Time:4:08 am Monday October 16, 2006

Comments: i like your paintings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Date and Time:9:41 am Monday April 26, 2004

Comments: These paintings are beautiful
Date and Time:11:51 pm Sunday January 25, 2004

Sharon Steere
Comments: Enjoyed your watercolors, especially deep pit. I am also an artist in the process of designing a web page. I have been looking at what is out there in cyberspace. I like the style of your web page and how you may view all the images in the gallery simultaneously while viewing a closeup version
Date and Time:2000

Comments: Hi, this is Jon, the artist's son. I have just added two new galleries to the site -- the Prints Gallery and the Collections Gallery. We have made prints of all the pictures in the Prints Gallery. I took digital photographs of the works in the Collections Gallery in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach in December 1999.
Date and Time:2000

Comments: I like your watercolors.
Date and Time:10:43 pm Sunday January 25, 2004

Comments: The paintings look great.
Date and Time:10:50 pm Sunday January 25, 2004