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London (12 images)
The pictures were taken in October 1998.
More of London (13 images)
Buildings, churchs, statues, bridges and ships.
London Architecture, Statues (14 images)
The buildings and statues of London.
Tate Gallery (14 images)
Masterpieces on display at the Tate Gallery in London in 1998.
More from the Tate (13 images)
More masterpieces on display at the Tate Museum in London in 1998.
Stonehenge (12 images)
The ancient stones in southern Britan that may have been erected by the Druids.
More of Stonehenge (13 images)
More shots of the ancient stones in Southern Britan that may have been erected by the Druids.
Whitehorse and Avery Circle (10 images)
Durham (9 images)
Durham Castle (10 images)
Durham Cathedral (5 images)
Newcastle and Vindolanda (9 images)
The City of Newcastle England, and the area known as Vindolanda which was the furthest Northern expansion of the Roman Empire.
Buckingham Palace and environs (15 images)
The Buckingham Palace, the Queen Victoria Statue and other nearby sights.
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