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Auguste S.Biography: I was born in 1987 3th of November in Vilnius, Lithuania and I still live there. Art is my passion. I sing, draw and take photos. I have been drawing for many years and this year when I will graduate from school I am going to study architecture. Country: Lithuania Birthyear: 1987 Media: photography Style: abstract Subjects: light and color
S. A. Birthyear: 5/21/1976 Media: other, oil pastel on cavas paper
Mohamadreza saaedi zaand Biography: Mohamadreza SaaediZaand Great Artist Of Iran Country: iran Birthyear: 23/9/2005 Media: computer or digital art Style: visionary Subjects: people, portraits and characters
Cristiano Mario says BYez SabbatiniBiography: I am Cristiano Mario Sabbatini says Byez I am 39 years old and I live to roma. From 1986 deal with hybridization, body art and new technologies. In all these years I have tried to define my search as a “open source” applied to the artistic expression. The result of this run I have crystallized him in my ‘written Artist published on-line during this year. I Sign all of my jobs and events with E. by T.A initials it really to characterize the nature participated of my art. This initials has produced in the last years numerous events that go from the realization of videoclip and videocreazioni to plotter painting, to the participated experimental music. Her our work in the territory are traceable near the gallery of contemporary art in Rome ‘Margutta 9. Country: Italy Birthyear: 1962 Media: computer or digital art Style: fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters
DAVID SABIU Country: ITALY Birthyear: 41 Media: oil Style: fantasy Subjects: light and color

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