Ralph's Political Philosophy

In a country as rich as ours, we have failed to provide all our citizens and children with decent health care. We have inadequate schools with overcrowded classrooms, and underpaid teachers, while we spend more on alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs than we do on public education.

Just one corporate mogul, Bill Gates, possesses enough personal wealth to match the budgets of all the school districts in California. And, weíre told that we canít find enough money for public schools.

It neednít be that way if we didnít sit back and allow this countryís democracy and elections to remain under the control of special interests, wealthy individuals and corporations. 90% of the winners in the last Congressional election were the ones who spent the most money. The bulk of that money came from organizations and corporations expecting payback. The primary concern of these corporations is too keep the public drugged on consumerism and escapism activities which they provide, leaving understanding and caring for each other as human beings a secondary consideration. Our schools are viewed as vehicles for training individuals to obtain jobs, leaving critical thinking, understanding ourselves and other cultures as a secondary consideration.

This sounds like dangerous business! Why doesnít anyone seem to care? No, itís not really that they just feel futile. Itís because most have actually bought the propaganda that, "Whatís good for Corporate America, is good for us all." And, a successful businessman receiving 20 billion a year deserves it and should keep it!

Our having the lowest voter turnout of all the worldís democracies would seem to indicate that the corporations have succeeded in their drug policy. Yet, there still remains the possibility that a good number simply realize that Corporate America has confiscated what democracy we may have had! And, if this be the case, perhaps thereís some hope left to enlist people to participate in a plan to reform our electoral system, and rescue our democracy from the plutocracy.

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