Digital Consciousness News

12th Edition, September 2000

John Alderman is the September Digital Color Artist of the month.
A painter and sculptor of marble and bronze. John is a multi-talented artist who captures angels, nudes, wildlife, portraiture and abstracts with great skill and mastery.

The following artists have been added to the database. Their art may be accessed through Digital Consciousness
  • Karen McPherson -- oil watercolor, graphite and acrylic. Realistic landscapes, nature portraits and still lifes. Each subject is reduced to these essential elements.
  • zkot pen -- Writer, nomad, originally from the United States, currently on the road in South America.
  • Emma Klingbeil -- having her first show this month.
  • Louis Bromberg -- Watercolors, and Sculpture in alabaster, Paintshop Pro and Photoshop 5.
  • Troy Gua -- Seattle artist of indefinite influences whose eclectic style runs the gamut from impressionistic psychedelia to sensual erotica.
  • Kent Lovern -- Creating Sports Illustrations for over 12 years, Kent blends airbrush, colored pencil, graphite and acrylics in a photo-realistic style.
  • Yvonne Maree Thomas-John -- As a child prodigy growing up in Australia,Yvonne Maree was driven by a singular desire to paint on paper the images in her mind's eye.
  • Karen Cardinal -- portraits. "I want to capture something that would make a total stranger connect with the story of that person."
  • Eddie Julio Torre -- Acclaimed Argentine oil painter.
  • Angela Thomson -- from Quebec. Prodominantly figures.
  • Lydell Michael's -- Hip hop musician.
  • Juan José Pérez Guerrero -- Renaissance drawings.
  • Michaela Akers -- encountered the great Picasso in Cannes, in 1959.
  • Mostafa Fahmy -- An Egyptian artist born in Cairo.
  • Rashmi Varma -- from India. People, portraits characters and relationships.
  • Marilyn Kirsch -- American. Abstract imagery influenced by architecture and photography.
  • Els van Asten -- exhibits her screenprints in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and elsewhere.
  • Sean Mcarthur -- surfs, skates and is nearly finished with his art degree.
  • Mark Stevens -- watercolorist from New York and New Hampshire.
  • Les Kaluza -- mixed media. Born in Poland; worked in animation for major hollywood studios.
  • Erna Kaluza -- bright acrylics. Born in Vienna; worked in animation for major hollywood studios.

If you wish to register as an artist, use the form at As of September 23 there are 175 artists in the database. The database received 6115 visits from August 20 to September 16.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards, juries the nominees on the basis of art published on the Internet, and promotes the winning artists. Winners are announced on the 23rd of each month. Nominations close on the 9th of each month to leave ample time for deliberation. To nominate an artist use the form at

Digital Consciousness News is e-mailed monthly to subscribers, registered artists and persons who have nominated an artist for the Digital Color Award. It is also archived on the site. To receive more frequent news from and about the artists in the database, subscribe to our mailing list by sending e-mail to Once subscribed you can e-mail everyone on that list.

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