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oztopcu AVNi Biography: Biography............................ 1962 Born in Erzincan on February 12 1980-84 Undergraduate study in Marmara University, Atatürk College of Education, School of Arts, 1984-86 Graduate study in Mimar Sinan University, Major Branch of Painting, 1987-89 Ph. D study in Mimar Sinan University, Major Branch of Painting, 1989-90 Compulsory military service. 1991-91 Employed as the art reporter of SON BASKI daily newspaper. 1991 Joined the Painting Department, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Marmara University as a research worker. individual exhibitions................. 1986 25 Kasım - 2 Aralık, Yüksek Lisans Eser Çalışması Sergisi M.S.Ü. Mimar Sinan Sergi Salonu, İstanbul 1988 7-28 Kasım, Yonca Modern Sanat Galerisi, İstanbul 1989 3-6 Temmuz, Sanatta Yeterlik Eser Çalışması Sergisi, M.S.Ü. Osman Hamdi Salonu, İstanbul 1996 15-26 Nisan, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Y.S. Sanat Merkezi, İstanbul 1996- 2001 Sürekli, H62 Atölye Sergisi, Feneryolu-Selamiçeşme, İstanbul CRITICS................................. H. Avni Öztopcu's "Road of Place" In his early works (1985), he used black which he defined as "darkness" and white which he defined as "light" as his basic tools. We see that he tried to reinforce the geometric speculative integrity of the stratified contrasts created by lighted crystal brightness of the mechanical objects which he places inside the dark spaces with their grayish-white gradations, together with diagonal planes including amorphous motives with elements of connections, motion, repetition and texture. In his later works (1986), while contrast created by motion in the earlier stages where being replaced by perpendicular and horizantal forms in conrast, rythmic elements making the geometric planes of mechanical objects took the place of contrast forms (Amorphous-Crystal). Grades of grayish-white transformed into grades of colour. The rythmic elements of repetition prevail their mechical structure while in search of their appropriate place and function. It is not difficult to see that the reason for this change in H. Avni Oztopcu's paintings is connected with his orientation towards "colour" and "motives" which gained significance in his works. In fact in his later works (1987) these two elements constitute the fundamental structure upon which he builts his drawings. The function of the black and white contrast in his early works are now transformed into the function of colour contrasts. His passion for black and white contrast has been transformed into grayish spaces and passages which he used in his drawings. While mechanical decorations take the form of organic textures, "Planimetric" structure has been adopted with respect to space as a result of this approach. City: istanbul Country: Turkey Media: oil Style: abstract
Tequila Corbly Biography: I am a 19 year old Media Arts Student who does Web design for free, and tends to draw anime styled images. I occasionally do photomanipulations, and regular photographs, or black and white photographs as well. City: Russell State: PA Country: USA Birthyear: 1985 Galleries: N/A Awards: N/A Media: drawing Style: other, Anime Manga Subjects: people, portraits and characters
Krystal Lord Biography: Who am I? A bored 17 year old Canadian living near Vancouver BC. Yep born and raised. I only started drawing when I was in grade 2 or three, but I had drawn before. The first anime drawings I got into were in grade 3 or 4, it was none other than Sailor Moon. Eventually I lost the grasp on that series. But in grade seven and eight I began to watch other series and movies. With the help of my computer and the local video store I have watched alot of anime. Once I got into high school (grade eight) I began to draw much more anime based drawings. I didn't know that I was soon to be obsessed with it. Now, I watch more anime than I sleep. I use my own style of drawing that is practically based on all the shows I've watched. I try new techniques and I also try to master some of my favourites. I am constanly trying to get ideas of what to draw. Almost all of my art are my own characters, thats why I run out of ideas. So I do what I want, I'm in grade 11 now and have been drawing anime (not sailor moon) for more than three year. And I love it. City: Richmond State: BC Country: Canada Birthyear: 1986 Galleries: Richmond High Richmond Public Awards: Oekaki Character Contest Media: computer or digital art, Anime Style: fantasy Subjects: people, portraits and characters
teoman madra Biography: 50 tünel Istanbul Tel - 2926744 ., url: 2nd representation with same domain name CANLI MULTİMEDYA GÖSTERİSİ PROJE: Atom MediaMusic (BATUR SÖNMEZ) NewMediaKitchen (TEOMAN MADRA) İÇERİK: Canlı görsel - işitsel performans ve çokortamlı kurgu (elektronik müzik, video, multimedya, vb.) SANATÇILAR: Teoman Madra (video – multimedya – netart) Batur Sönmez (ses – müzik – video) december 2002 in karaköy Liman Lokantasi -SAFRAN-a behind the bar light box from six composition 120cm X 840cm got realized within the restoration project of my daughter Tulya Madra november 2002 -0nline actively has started to be online promoted- february 14, 2002 january 10, 11 2002 "solarintermedia2002" geothe institue teutonia tunel istanbul -0nline actively promoted- 2001 december online participant to a workshop entitled solarcircuit 2002 2 urls partly photographed and being webdesigned by nmk -teoman madra-, -on line under construction- solar2002 multi media show -february 2002- at istanbul goethe institute with live and recorded bacground music + modern dance + live photography workshop 2001 september 4 weeks of non stop video art shows 16.00-20.00 at cafeKV tunel geçidi 142 beyoglu istanbul 2001 49. Venice Biennale web page preparation for the Turkish Pavillion -depicting the orientalism to and fro-entitled -"" own web site under construction url for net art workshops and for contemporary art news mostly needs more promotion for attendance and active realizations for nmk workshops to make new media creativities 2001 PHOTO Exhibition at ODTU Faculty of ArchitectureODTU Ankara event called -interactions- 2-6 April 2001 url and multi media floppy projections to the students at the multi media show auditorium 2001 two times -different occasions- multi media concert with Ilhan Ersahin Sextet at Babylon 1999 multimedia - internet presentation as gif animation show (11.7.1999) at the Italian Pavillion - Space A Oreste group at the 48.Biennale di Venezia - 1999 artagora discussion panel co-organization contribution by email page making on the occasion of the exhibiton of memories and modernities at dolmabahçe art center and organized under auspices bilgi university- 1998 september 1998 black-kara renewal of presentation "documentary video art on golden horn" / berlin March 1998 1988 Video Installationu�nda ortak katilimi Joint participation with video art work of Istanbul LANDSCAPES exhibition at Borusan Art Center November 2. 1997 ERSTER KÜNSTLER DEVOTIONALIEN SHOP Pozzo PazzozoP Katzbachstrasse 19 10965 Berlin *October, 1996 to May, 1997 Studiominus-post modern musical works on air 94.9 fm at OPEN RADIO in Istanbul weekly one hour retrospective of new music- 94.10 program every monday 21.00-22.00 July, 1996 Became a co-founder (with 15 other initiators) of a new -art wokshops- foundation entitled "Future Culture and Arts Foundation" in Istanbul temporarily having the address of BM Conteporary Art Center -akkavak sokak 1/1, nisantasi 80200- +90 212 2311023 fax 2474852, * December 1995 multi-media video presentation of the Piyale Madra Cartoons Exhibition CRYPTE GALLERY - GHENT BELGIUM * November 1995 black-kara video-documentary show on goldenhorn along the duration of the exhibition along LILLI ENGELS exhibition at BM * May 1995 Xample an Interdisciplinary Art Performances of video art shows and of live concerts of 14 Istanbul-Darmsstadt artists at ATATURK CULTURAL CENTER * February 1995 articipation to a Multi Media Video-Art Workshop and to an installation with Angela Melitopoulos and other Turkish video artists at the BM Contemporary Art Center with sponsorship of Goethe Institute ¦stanbul * 1991 Computer generated multi media video support at a requiem program to the honor of Turkish Electronic Music composer Bulent Arel CEMAL RESIT REY CONCERT HALL * April 1989 Multi media video art installation with 15 days live show program (15.00-19.00 daily) -continuous serial programs on 19 normal format monitors at ATATURK CULTURAL CENTER * 1988-86 Several multi media photo and video shows as performance art events with live modern dance interpretations and live jazz piano and groups * 1986 IFSAK photograph-music at Harbiye Municipal Theater boguslav shaeffer-bertram trutsky, marcel duchamp erratum musical, donald knaack-hans eislers/frederick rzevsky * 1985 * multimedia dance and photography workshop at bilsak art center 1/2=2/1 dancers: serap and bahar choreography aydin teker March 1980 Multi media video art show LOFT GALLERY MUNICH * April 1980-Polyaesthetics- Multi media dia show with live jazz trio Graz, Austria johnny taylor piano CATHOLIC STUDENTENHAUS KELLER * October 1979 First video art show ISTANBUL MUSEUM OF PAINTINGS AND SCULPTURES * 1978-77 Multi media live jazz concerts series with Okay Temiz Oriental Wind Jazz Orchestra * 1977 multi media show at the fine arts academy Ist Istanbul Art Festival at TV/Cinema Institute with LP selections from stockhausen-kontakte, anthony braxton and muhal richard abrams duet 1976, cage/lou harrison double music. McCoyTyner-focal point * 1976 First Live multi media jazz concert with Okay Temiz/Johhny Dyani Duo and abstract photo projections in an auditorium SHAN THEATER ISTANBUL *1976 Fine arts academy IDGSA - fusion of contemporary arts 1 with new ballet usmanbaş music for ballet, klaus ager-hoshi, bülent arel-mimiana 2 * 1976 Cinematheque Club Theater Multi media show Hyperprism-Varese Usmanbas -around the world, cage-fontana mix, miles davis-no line, don cherry-queen of fung ting lake, marion brown-tokalokaloka, mccoy tyner-samayaluca * 1975 Photo Exhibition Gallery VEB Istanbul * March 1972 Multi media happening with joint participations of several painters and cartoonists doing live action paintings and APO Anatolian Pantomime Players CASA D'ITALIA ISTANBUL * 1973-1968 Several -jazz induced kinetic light photos dia shows with accompaniment of jazz music at many Consulate's Cultural Centers * 1967 Participation to V. Paris Biennale One month duration dia shows entitled Light games with modern jazz music on LP's * -ascension (coltrane big band) October 1967 Multi media dia show with avantgarde jazz music with selection from Cecil Taylor (unit structures- and Archie Shepp new LP's -special hi fi sound system installation with four giant Ge Go Ortophase loudspeakers provided by the Ge Go Ortophase October 1967 GALERIE Galerie Jacqueline Francoise, Paris October 1967 for 10 days duration at hotel de ville nite club av accompaniment with live dia shows next to us alto sax marion brown trio * April 1965 15 days dia shows with contemporary music with entrance fee -daily 4 to 7 pm. At Genar Art Gallery Istanbul bülent arel-harry partch-cecil taylor-halim eldabh coleman hawkins-paul bley-dave brubeck-jim hall gunther schuller ornette coleman City: istanbul Country: turkey Birthyear: 1931 Galleries: goethe institute in istanbul Awards: none Media: performance Style: abstract, photogramms
Rachel McCarron Biography: Well, are you kinda pretty sure that you want to know more about boring old me? I have been drawing for a couple of years now, I mostly do Cartoonist, sometimes like Japanese Anime style pictures that are extremly colorful most of the time. I love color totally. Here goes then. I live in the UK, that's 'cos I was born there. :) I like to listen to music alot, I reckon you can find that one out by just lookin' @ my I also like to watch movies sometimes, my fave one's are probably Fight Club, American History X, Trainspotting, Leon(The Professional) and The Labyrinth. My favorite actors/actresses are Julia Roberts, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Lisa Kudrow and Edward Norton. I will be happy to draw anything for anybody(for free). Just email me if you want to request/trade something or you wanna use my pics. Thanks. ^_^ City: Whitehaven State: N/A Country: England Birthyear: 1985 Media: animation Style: other, Cartoonist, sometimes like Japanese Anime. Subjects: people, portraits and characters

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